Call For Blog Posts

I have to admit I’ve been inspired by Writing Wyoming’s weekly blog spots from the group’s members and from further in the fields. And because there can never be too many good words, JHW is putting out a call for short blogs.

Submission Guidelines:

We are looking for 250-500 words on topics related to writing. We will consider longer submissions, but brevity is the key here. These submissions can be observations from an event, a life experience that has fed your writing in some particular way, craft pointers that saved your life, a writing process that might be helpful or hopeful for another writer. Surprise us. What does writing mean to you? Be specific. Be unpredictable.

We are not interested in blogs that promote your own work or some newsworthy event. If you have to announce something you can let us know through the contact form on which has a News column.

Please do not send us submissions with language that fosters hate against any person or, group of persons because of their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran’s status.

While JHW will respect your work, we review all submissions and reserve the right not to publish. If we consider your piece as merit and have questions or editing suggestions, we will contact you. If we decide not to use your submission, don’t be discouraged. That is another lesson to take into the world of writing: keep sending your work out.

Nuts and Bolts

Subject line should say “Blog Post.”

Send your piece within the body of the email, with a line break between each paragraph. If there are special formatting requirements, JHW can accommodate that easily at press time.

Rather than querying us, just write it. Make us want to publish it.

–Connie, Jen and Melissa