Memoir Writing Workshop A Success

Inspired Ink: Memoir Writing Workshop, with Kevin Grange (March 18, 2017, Center for the Arts, Conference Room, 9-noon):

We were excited to have this workshop fill early. If you are interested in future workshops, do consider signing up early. We want all participants to have a comfortable experience.

Through a power-point presentation, award-winning journalist and memoir author Kevin Grange examined the craft of autobiographical storytelling and the mechanics of writing an essay-length piece or a book. Inspired by Natalie Goldberg, author of the bestselling Writing Down the Bones, who once said, “writing is the act of discovery,” Kevin proved that point in hands-on writing. “Memoir writing gives us the unique chance to explore the story of our own lives and share that experience with readers,” he explained.

Participation of group members was encouraged through writing exercises, discussion, and reading samples of their work.

After the writers conference, JHW will post a PDF of that power point so participants and others can go to it for as a reminder of key aspects to writing a memoir.

We hope everybody gained from Kevin’s workshop and look forward to seeing what he and you all do next. Keep us posted on any publications that you feel came as a result of the workshop.