Peter Aguero: All Thumbs Up

Thanks to everybody–all 70 of you–who made Peter Aguero’s “Daddy Issues” performance last Thursday at The Center (Nov. 17) a sell-out. Thanks also to all of you who stayed for the Q&A led by Cassandra Lee. The performance and Saturday’s workshop were great opportunities to explore collaborating with Off Square Theatre Company to do something completely different for us and to provide an opportunity for the community to get a dose of story-telling at its highest level. We also learned that people appreciated the opportunity to ask questions of a performer such as Peter Aguero. The Black Box provided an intimate space, but the audience was assured anonymity during the performance by remaining in the dark. “It allowed people to react (more freely),” Cassandra noted.

“I think people liked being able to talk to the artist about his process,” Cassandra also noted..

Storytelling has grown across the country. Witness the Teton County Library’s popular Cabin Fever story slam series. It seems serendipitous that both the library and the Writers offered workshops this month. our take-home message was people wanted more and more intense settings. To that end, we hope soon to announce an ad hoc group meeting to hone their story-telling chops. (Not under our aegis but JHW supports this homegrown initiative. If you are interested, contact us, so we can connect like-minded storytellers.)  Participants in the workshop hope to see a full-day event in the future. Hint hint.  Such an intensive workshop would be more expensive to pull off, but we are exploring the possibility.

And if you missed the performance, here’s a link to an interview on KHOL public radio that ran the day of The Center event.

Thanks again to the Wyoming Humanities Council for a ThinkWY grant to offer a different kind of educational experience here in Jackson. And to open us all up to a view of an emotional world we may not have been aware of. Thanks to Peter Aguero for traveling in November to Jackson and for Tim Sandlin, our director, for thinking it sounded like a beautiful idea.

–Connie Wieneke