Conference Scholar Spotlight: Karina Lea

Thanks to generous support from The Musser Fund, we awarded two scholarships to teen writers in Wyoming who have demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm in developing their writing craft.

Aspiring young writer, Karina Lea, received one of these scholarships to attend the 2019 Jackson Hole Writers Conference, and we had the pleasure of getting to know her a little better.

Q: What kind of writing do you most enjoy?
A: Oh boy. What sort of writing do I most enjoy? That’s a really tough question because I don’t have a solid sense of what I like to write most yet. I like a combination of illustration and writing, so I enjoy making graphic novels. As for genre, it’s between modern fantasy and realistic fiction. I really don’t like those stories about “Oh, boy meets girl, but boy is already with a slightly meaner girl. So, boy and girl can’t date.” I like stories that have at least a little more substance than just who likes who, so I try to do that in my writing, too. I want my stories to be like a Queen song; they should make you feel something. If you cry, I’ve done my job right.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the June conference?
A: Feedback. Feedback, feedback, feedback. Constructive criticism fuels me to write more than anything else. And from what I’ve heard about the conference, I’m sure to get lots of it. I want to know what I can do better and what my strengths are. Right now the only critic I have is my writing teacher, and I think hearing more opinions will help me more than any class ever could.

Q:Other Fun Facts, Accomplishments, etc?
A: My favorite graphic novel is Taproot by Keezy Young.
– I know all the words to every song from Hamilton and Heathers: The Musical.
– I love wholesome memes
– I once lost my voice from singing ’80s songs for over an hour straight.
– I have a fish, two rabbits, and two dogs named Keith, Yoshi, Nugget, Summer, and Willow, respectively.
– I have over 100 individual plants

We are eager to work with Karina at this year’s conference. For more information on our kids programs, click the link.